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Born in the Pacific Northwestern United States, in the High Desert of Central Oregon, Nathan Myers comes from a rich musical background and brings a unique style of music that he has dubbed "Indi-Acoustic".


From a very young age Nathan was exposed to Classical, Country, Jazz and the Pop Rock music of the times. He was always involved with music growing up, from singing with his family at church and the local boys choir, to playing drums in Middle School band and playing guitar with friends in high school bands and beyond.


As a young adult Nathan was involved in writing, recording and performing in a number of bands and music projects that included Acoustic Folk Rock, Progressive Psychedelic, Native American and other Heavy Rock'N'Roll genres of music. Over the years he has had the opportunity to travel and perform in many places including New York and Ireland.  

In the spring of 2017 Nathan recorded his first official solo EP titled Juniper Smoke comprised of four of his original Indi-Acoustic songs and features his longtime friend and vocalist Rachel Phelps. He currently resides in Oregon and performs at select venues around the Great Northwest.  

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